What makes Active Change so special?

Active Change stands for the passion and capability of our coaches to facilitate sustainable change together with our clients … either in their business or in their private life.

We work for companies, the public service, and private clients ... supporting their change projects with workshops, seminars, webinars, and coaching.

As we also support aid and other projects that are designed to cause disruptive innovation, please find information on that, too.

Business & Life Coaching

Managing change is different from managing the status quo! (Professor Peter Kruse)

Good intentions and simple to-do lists are not enough here.

We support you on both levels, business and private, with Business Coaching and Life Coaching, with workshops, seminars, and webinars.

All this either inhouse at your company, or at a place of our choice in Germany or Madeira/Portugal, or online.

Disruptive Change

From April 2022, our scholarship will support one young woman per year in  to complete a certified nurse training course or a certified vocational education in that field.

All this represents our very individual approach to corporate social responsibility.

Maybe we can interest you in these topics as well?

Please contact us at any time.

Our Latest Blog Articles

Communicate change!

Communicate change!

For the practice of leadership, this means creating motivation in those who are supposed to do the hard work to want to do it.

Successful change therefore needs a communication concept.

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Active Change Business & Life Coaching
"Managing change is different from managing the status quo!"
(Professor Peter Kruse)


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