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    About Active Change

Christoph Seidl

Christoph Seidl

Active Change stands for the passion of Christoph Seidl and our freelance team of colleagues to facilitate active change and to design it sustainably together with our clients.

Christoph has been doing this for 32 years and during this time has supported large corporations such as Bayer CropScience, but above all medium-sized companies and public authorities as a facilitator of necessary change.

He has a 2nd state examination (equivalent to today`s Master of Education) as high school teacher. Also he is a systemic coach and a trainer for the persolog®/DISG® personality profile.

We are guided by the systemic approach and the principle of solution-oriented counselling according to Steve de Shazer. Christoph will be happy to explain this approach to you upon request.

Our team supports you personally in recognising new opportunities and ways in your life.

Also benefit from Christoph`s professional and life experience, which includes career changes, separation, divorce, and mourning.

We conduct our events in Bremen/Germany, Funchal/Madeira, in-house in your company, or online via Teams or Zoom.

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Active Change Business & Life Coaching
"Managing change is different from managing the status quo!"
(Professor Peter Kruse)


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