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  • Education through innovation

Education through innovation

If people are to survive, this in the so-called "Third World". means above all external security, clean water, sufficient food, 
electricity and basic medical care.

If they are to have any chance in their lives, they need a identity without doubt, a school education, further education, a job, the doubtless documentation of, above all, real estate property as well as an access to the Internet and to the financial system with 
the possibility to securely savings, transfer payments securely or take loans.

The Cardano Foundation has the goal of providing such an opportunity for people in Africa through the use of innovative blockchain technology and the implementation of appropriate software.

If technology and a long-term economic interest come together here insofar as consumption will also result from this, this is perfectly fine, at least from our point of view. It will help many people to develop themselves and thus strengthen their country of origin. This in our opinion is empowerment in the best humanistic sense.

We invite you to learn more about it and watch this short video about the so-called. "Cardano Africa" event. Here it is specifically about about Cardano's cooperation with the Ethiopian government and in particular digitizing Ethiopia's school system.
Discuss with us and let us know what you think!