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Regine Wulf

Regine Wulf Scholarship

The most important basis of change is the intrinsic motivation to want to change one's attitudes and/or behaviour, to go new ways.

We support this intentional change within the scope of our possibilities and earmarked donations to charitable organisations.

Since the beginning of April 2022, we have been supporting the further vocational education of Ms. Thi Nhung Nguyen from Hamburg to become a specialist nurse in psychiatry within the framework of the "Regine Wulf Scholarship". Ms Nguyen works as a nurse in the same Centre for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Albertinen Hospital where Ms Wulf also worked for 10 years.

We are pleased about this cooperation with the IMMANUEL ALBERTINEN DIAKONIE, about the memory that is thus preserved for Mrs. Wulf at her former place of work and of course about the fact that Mrs. Nguyen is now even more motivated to tackle her demanding further education.

Read a press release of the IMMANUEL ALBERTINEN DIAKONIE on this subject here.

All rights for the following photo are with IMMANUEL ALBERTINEN DIAKONIE.

Mrs Wulf was Christoph Seidl`s partner in life, our colleague as a coach, and a nurse for thirty years, body and soul, with a strong focus on psychiatry. She died of cancer far too early in 2018 at the age of 53 and will now live on forever in her colleagues`work.

This page will keep you informed and updated on this and other projects.