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In three decades we have been dealing with the following topics:

Public Institutions (job centres, employment agencies, district and municipal administrations)

  • mission statement development
  • management development
  • change management
  • sales and service orientation
  • train-the-trainer programs in the context of the introduction of counselling concepts
  • methodology workshops for job coaches
  • team development
  • target achievement strategies
  • dealing constructively with psychologically conspicuous clients
  • de-escalation of client contacts


  • sales training for managers and staff of central functions and branches (presentation, moderation, negotiation techniques)

Chemical Industry

  • sales training (interviewing, conflict management, and presentation skills)
  • strategy and innovation workshops for the management, sales and marketing departments
  • workshops for product management
  • individual coaching for product managers

Electrical Engineering

  • strategy workshops for management and international sales team
  • training courses international sales team
  • individual coaching for export managers

Home Stores

  • sales training

Health Care/Hospitals

  • de-escalation
  • service orientation

Heating Technology

  • sales training (conversation skills)


  • soft-skill training for the consultants (conversation skills, presentation, conflict management)
  • multi-stage trade fair training course
  • individual coaching for acquisition of CRM projects
  • individual coaching for presentation


  • key account training

Mechanical Engineering

  • team workshops to achieve goals
  • training in the context of the introduction of a sales information system
  • multi-stage trade fair training course
  • individual coaching international sales
  • individual coaching for presentations at international trade fairs

Food and Beverage

  • all training courses, seminars, workshops and field trainings for a sales force (managers and employees) of approx. 150 employees (merchandise knowledge, communication, conversation management, conflict management, bonus systems, IT use, sales information system etc.)

Personnel Services

  • soft skills training for consultants
  • Mentoring of new employees


  • change workshops over several months at all levels of management,
  • management training


  • individual coaching personal goals and strategies